APIS – Assessment of production induced stresses

PhD thesis C. Haug

Numerical modelling of production-induced stress changes

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The withdrawal of fluids from reservoir rocks at depth is accompanied by a decrease in pore fluid pressure in the reservoir. These changes in pore pressure result in compaction of the reservoir and in changes of the effective stress state within the deposit and its surroundings which can possibly lead to induced seismicity.

In the framework of a bilateral research project with DEA (Deutsche Erdoel AG) numerical geomechanical modelling studies are being conducted to systematically investigate the stress changes at depth associated with production of natural gas. These studies aim at identifying those influencing factors that can have relevant impact on the reactivation of faults. Special focus is on reservoirs that are sub-structured in individual compartments. By means of parameter studies the role of geometrical factors, hydraulic and mechanical rock properties, state variables, fault properties and production parameters is examined.


Haug, C., Nüchter, J.-A., Henk, A., 2018. Assessment of geological factors potentially affecting production-induced seismicity in North German gas fields, Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment, 16, 15-31, doi.org/10.1016/j.gete.2018.04.002

Haug, C., Henk, A., Nüchter, J.‐A., 2017. Numerical modelling of production‐induced stress changes and fault loading in Rotliegend gas fields of the North German Basin. Workshop: Induced Seismicity and Human Activities, EAGE Conference & Exhibition, 12‐15 June 2017, Paris (Vortrag)

Haug, C., Henk, A., Nüchter, J. A.., 2017. Numerische Modellierung von produktionsinduzierten Spannungsänderungen und Störungsreaktivierung in Rotliegend-Gasfeldern des Norddeutschen Beckens, DGMK Frühjahrstagung 05.-06. April 2017, Celle, (Vortrag).

Haug, C., Hergert, T., Henk, A., & Nüchter, J.A., 2015. Numerical Simulation of Production-induced Fault Loading – Modeling Concept and Poroelastic Material Definition, 2nd EAGE Workshop on Geomechanics and Energy – The Ground as Energy Source and Storage, 13-15 October 2015, Celle, Germany (poster presentation).

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