Name Working area(s) Contact
Prof. Dr. Christoph Schüth
Vice dean
+49 6151 16-22090
B2|02 228
Associated Professors and Honorary Professors
Prof. Dr. Randolf Rausch
External Lecturers
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Balke
Hydrogeology, Well Construction
Dr. Paul Königer
Isotope hydrology, Hydrogeochemistry, Groundwater recharge and groundwater resources management
Prof. Dr. Christoph Külls
Tracer Hydrology
Professors Emeriti and Retired
Prof. Dr. Götz Ebhardt
Scientific Staff
Dr. Nils Michelsen
Isotope hydrology, Hydrochemistry, Groundwater radioactivity
+49 6151 16-22093
B2|02 220
Dr. Wei Qu
+49 6151 16-22095
B2|02 230
AOR Dr. Thomas Schiedek
Hydrochemistry, Hydrogeology, Quaternary Geology
+49 6151 16-20635
B2|02 205
Dr. Stephan Schulz
+49 6151 16-22092
B2|02 218
Dr. Annette Wefer-Roehl
+49 6151 16-22094
B2|02 220
Guest Scientists
Prof. Dr. Adnan Hassan Afaj
Stable Isotope Geochemistry , Medical geochemistry , Surface and Ground water Pollution , Geochemistry of Carbonate Rocks, Geochemistry of Recent Sediments , Air pollution studies , Using GIS technique in environmental studies.
+49 6151 16-23600
B2|01 216
PhD Students
M.Sc. Berhane Abrha Asfaw
+49 6151 16-22095
B2|02 230
M.Sc. Tsegaye Mekuria Checkol
M.Sc. Sahand Farhang Darehshouri
+49 6151 16-22094
B2|02 220
M.Sc. Marcel Horovitz
M.Sc. Abidur Khan
Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Kludt
Hydrogeochemistry (denitrification in groundwater), Exchange processes between groundwater and surface water (natural tracers, drug degradation)
M.Sc. Michaela Laxander
Persistent organic pollutants (POP) in low and high mountain ranges, Sorption of organic pollutants in soils, Evaporation of organic pollutants by ceramic dosimeter, DFG project: cold trapping in high and low mountain ranges
M.Sc. Edinsson Munoz Vega
EU project: MSCA ITN MARSoluT
+49 6151 16-22094
B2|02 220
M.Sc. Muhammad Raza
+49 6151 16-22094
B2|02 220
M.Sc. Juan Carlos Richard Cerda
+49 6151 16-22092
B2|02 218
M.Sc. Inga Schreiter
+49 6151 16-22095
B2|02 230
M.Sc. Matthew Silver
Geochemical processes of infiltrating water in arid environments during managed aquifer recharge Vadose zone hydrology and reactive transport of chemical species in groundwater
+49 6151 16-22094
B2|02 220
M.Sc. Anja Tögl
+49 6151 16-22095
B2|02 230
Dipl.-Ing. Anja Wolf
Biogeochemistry of flowing waters, Drinking water treatment
Administrative / Technical Staff
Claudia Cosma
Laboratory for organic chemistry
+49 6151 16-22082
B2|02 20
Maia Dolidze
+49 6151 16-22091
B2|02 223
Zahra Neumann
Laboratory for inorganic chemistry
+49 6151 16-22082
B2|02 20
M.Sc. Stefanie Schmidt
Laboratory for inorganic and organic chemistry
+49 6151 16-22082
B2|02 20
Former Staff
Rainer Brannolte
Dr. Engy El Haddad
Dr. habil. Irina Engelhardt
Groundwater recharge in thick vadose zones and groundwater management in arid regions, Estimation of the river infiltration into the groundwater using environmental tracers, Inverse modeling of unsaturated flow at laboratory scale, Modeling of groundwater flow and transport processes in porous and fractured media at regional scale, Modeling of thermal-hydraulic-mechanical processes in swelling clays
M.Sc. Suraiya Fatema
Dr. Laura Foglia
M.Sc. Aili Li
Dr. Andres Marandi
Dr. Heike Pfletschinger
Dr. Jean-Jacques Rahobisoa
M.Sc. Mustafe Reshid
Isotope and hydrochemistry applications in arid zone hydrogeology , Groundwater recharge estimation using isotopic and geophysical techniques, TDR for unsaturated zone moisture content measurements
Dr. Layth Sahib
Geomorphology, Remote sensing imaging, GIS techniques
Dr. Susanne Stadler
Isotope Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry