Institute of Applied Geosciences

Welcome to the Institute of Applied Geosciences (IAG) of the Technische Universität Darmstadt.

We offer Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Applied Geosciences, including the international Master's degree TropHEE (Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering).

The Institute of Applied Geosciences comprises the following working groups: Applied Geothermal Science and Technology, Applied Sedimentary Geology, Geo-Material Science, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, Technical Petrology, Environmental Mineralogy, and GeoInformation. Our focuses in research and teaching are the following future-oriented key subjects:

Water – Energy – Environment

Applied Geosciences Colloquium, Winter Term 2017/18

On Tuesdays 17:15, in the institute's lecture hall – students and guests welcome!
Program (updated 7.11.2017)

International Master Course TropHEE

Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering

MARSOL – Demonstrating Managed Aquifer Recharge as a Solution to Water Scarcity and Drought

EU Project in the 7. Framework Programme

IMAGE – Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration

EU Project in the 7. Framework Programme

SFB 641 – The Tropospheric Ice Phase

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Hessen 3D – Geothermal Potential of Hesse

Geological 3D model of Hesse for the assessment of its geothermal potentials

Ground Penetration Radar Forum

Initiative of several academic and industrial partners, coordinated by the IAG