Permeametry and Porosity

The porosity and permeability of rocks and loose sediments is determined in the porometric laboratory. Both parameters are key properties of reservoir characterization.

The laboratory is equipped with three helium pycnometers and a powder pycnometer to determine porosity. A helium pycnometer can hold samples up to two liters in volume.

The determination of the permeability covers an extremely wide measuring range from 50 D [Darcy] to 1µD. Since the permeability is a tensor, the laboratory is able to measure the permeability of the samples three-dimensionally. This can be done as an apparent permeability with a so-called mini-permeameter, as well as with the intrinsic permeability, which is measured with enclosed samples and different pressure levels. Air is predominantly used as the medium, but liquids can also be used. The laboratory has one mobile and two stationary devices. All devices were developed by the Sedimentology Working Group and built at the IAG.

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