Technical Petrology

The laboratories of the Department of Technical Petrology are equipped with the following equipment, among others:

  • X-ray diffractometer Siemens D5000 with Cu X-ray tube
  • Muffel furnace, drying cabinets, fusion fluxer Katanax X-300 (for preparation of fused beads (XRF) and ICP-MS solutions), press (for preparation of pressed powder pellets (XRF))
  • Ultrasonic disintegrators, ultrasonic baths
  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer S8 Tiger (Bruker)
  • VR-MPV microscope
  • Several older microscopes (reflected light, transmitted light, fluorescence)
  • Binocular Leica M12
  • Research microscope Leica DMRX (reflected light, transmitted light, fluorescence)

S8 Tiger (Bruker)

Seifert XRD 3003 TT