Ayşegül Turan

Turan Aysegül

M.Sc. Ayşegül Turan

+49 6151 16-22302
+49 6151 16-23601

Schnittspahnstraße 9
64287 Darmstadt

Office: B2|02 105

Working area(s)

  • Geothermal resource assessment
  • Enhanced geothermal systems
  • Geothermal modelling
  • Deep geothermal and petrophysical reservoir characterization

More information


2016: Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems at Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus Campus. Thesis: Feasibility Study on Enhanced Geothermal System Application in Dikili-Izmir Region, Degree: Master of Science

2010: Geological Engineering at Middle East Technical University. Design Project: Numerical Modeling in Geothermal Reservoirs for Optimum Production. Degree: Bachelor of Science


Women in Geothermal (WinG)

Chamber of Turkish Geological Engineers

Research Profile



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Turan, A. ; Bär, K. ; Afshari Moein, M. ; Sass, I. (2019):
Geothermal Modelling of Variscan Enhanced Geothermal System in Granitic and Metamorphic Rocks.
In: 10th European Geothermal PhD Day 2019, Potsdam, Germany, 25.-27.02.2019, [Online-Edition: https://www.geothermalresearch.eu/egpd-2019/],


Turan, A. ; Artun, E. ; Saner, S. (2017):
Assessment of Yuntdağı Hydrothermal System in Dikili-İzmir Region, Western Turkey.
Davis, California, Geothermal Resources Council, In: Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting-2017, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 41, [Konferenzveröffentlichung]


Turan, A. (2016):
Feasibility study for an enhanced geothermal system application in Dikili-Izmir Region.
Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, [Online-Edition: http://library.metu.edu.tr/search~S8?/Xfeasibility&searchsco...],

Turan, A. ; Saner, S. ; Artun, Emre (2016):
Intersecting Fracture Geometries in Control of Geothermal Spring Occurrences in Circumferences of the Madra Mountain, Aegean Region of Turkey.
In: Geothermal Resources Council Annual Meeting-2016, Sacramento, California, USA, 40, [Konferenzveröffentlichung]


Turan, A. (2015):
Assessment of Geothermal and Solar Hybrid Power Generation Technologies in Turkey and Its Application to Menderes Graben.
In: World Geothermal Congress-2015, Melbourne, Australia, 19-25 April 2015, [Konferenzveröffentlichung]

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