Ecological Engineering

The Section of Ecological Engineering is involved in various national and international professional associations and societies to support the application of ecological engineering methods and the development of sustainable solutions.

The office of the Ingenieurökologische Vereinigung e.V. (IÖV) has been located at the Chair of Ecological Engineering at the TU Darmstadt since September 2020 when Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Hack was elected President of the Association. The IÖV represents the field of Ecological Engineering in the German-speaking countries, supports its members in ecological engineering projects, develops regulations, organises information and workshop events as well as research and development projects.

The Section of Ecological Engineering is also a member of the following professional associations and societies:

International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES)

The IEES was founded in 1993 and aims at the worldwide networking of Ecological Engineers and representatives of related disciplines. Its goal is to establish Ecological Engineering as a sustainable and future-oriented practice in all engineering processes within the next 15-20 years. The IEES organises annual symposia to promote the exchange between science and practice.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen is the IÖV representative on the IEES board

Digital Water Institute (DWI)

The DWI is an interdisciplinary knowledge and networking platform and innovation driver in the field of water and digitalisation. Based on a multi-faceted community of practitioners, researchers and start-ups, the DWI establishes strategic cooperations in a targeted manner and contributes to the success of the digital transformation in the water industry. The DWI is a knowledge provider, consultant, network, event organiser and stakeholder under one roof. The Digital Water Institute aims to prepare our modern society for current challenges such as climate change, urbanisation and the digital transformation and to specifically promote public welfare-oriented and sustainable innovations in the field of water and digitalisation.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Hack is a member of the DWI's Scientific Advisory Board.

Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP)

ESP connects over 3000 ecosystem services scientists, policy makers and practitioners who work together in more than 40 Working Groups and a growing number of National Networks on all continents. ESP regularly organises World and Regional conferences and provides many Services to further enhance the application of ecosystem services for nature conservation, ecosystem restoration and sustainable management.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen is a member of the ESP working group

Fachvereinigung Betriebs- und Regenwassernutzung e.V. (fbr)

The fbr is a network of individuals, companies, municipalities, universities, planning offices, the skilled trades and institutions interested in the use of industrial water and rainwater and rainwater management. The focus is on rainwater utilisation, rainwater management, service water utilisation, greywater utilisation and water recycling as well as sustainable sanitation concepts. The fbr is a non-profit, registered association based in Darmstadt. The purpose of fbr is to preserve the natural water balance, to save drinking water and to reduce wastewater, taking into account all aspects of environmental protection, and to bring together those active and interested in the field of industrial water and rainwater utilisation, rainwater management.

German Hydrological Society

The aim of the DHG is to promote hydrology in research, teaching and practice, whereby the formation of a broad base of experts interested in hydrology is the essential prerequisite. To this end, an elected committee is to formulate specialist focal points and develop impulses for the further development of scientific principles and their application at the interface between science and practice.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen is the spokesman of the DHG working group

World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC)

PIANC was established in 1885 to develop high-ranking technical reports on the design, development, and maintenance of ports, waterways, marinas and coastal areas and provide the global waterborne transport community with expert guidance, recommendations, and technical advice.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen as German representative in the Working Group „An Introduction to applying Ecosystem Services for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure Projects“

Darmbach e.V.

The core objective of the association, founded in 2008, is to daylight the Darmstadt city stream back in the city centre. The main aim is to improve the disturbed ecological function of this and other watercourses and to enhance the cityscape.

Association of Engineers for Water Management, Waste Management and Cultural Construction (BWK) Darmstadt district group

BWK is Germany's leading network for technicians, engineers and scientists in water and waste management and all disciplines of environmental engineering. Founded in 1904, it is still the professional and trade association for more than 3,500 personal and over 400 supporting members from public administration, universities and technical colleges, research institutions and institutes, special-purpose associations, engineering and consulting companies, construction firms and industrial companies.