The Section of Ecological Engineering offers courses of 6 CP per semester in the Master's programmes "Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering" (TropHEE) and "Applied Geosciences".

  • lectures,
  • seminars,
  • student internships,
  • excursions and
  • supervision of bachelor and master thesis.

Our teaching is inter- and transdisciplinary and focuses on concepts and methods for a sustainable design, management and operation of urban water systems in developing countries.

A continuous integration of research results in our teaching activities is our aim. Participants in our teaching activities are encouraged to contribute to the content and design of these activities, thereby creating a highly motivated teaching and learning environment.

Semester Course
Summer term
  • Urban Hydrology and Ecology (M.Sc. TropHEE)
  • Nature-based solutions for urban planning (M.Sc. Mundus Urbano)
Winter term
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (M.Sc. TropHEE)
  • Scientific training (M.Sc. TropHEE)

The Junior Research Group established the new and innovative format of “Research Encounters” as a platform for continuous exchange and information on ongoing thesis and project work. Participants are invited to briefly present their work.

The main objectives are:

  • Inform about SEE-URBAN-WATER and thesis/internship opportunities
  • Present project and thesis work --> Opportunity to practice!
  • Give feedback and support to ongoing work --> Get feedback / guidance!
  • Exchange about ongoing project and thesis work --> Connect with others!
  • Coordinate different activities --> Make more out of our work!
  • Create opportunities for ideas and innovations!

Feel free to join our next “Research Encounter” if you want to know more about our work and would like to get involved. Just e-mail your interest to

Selection of topics for student theses

Topic Contact person
Mapping and assessment of ecosystem services of urban rivers and green spaces Prof. Jochen Hack
Assessment of potential sites for green infrastructure development to increase urban resilience Prof. Jochen Hack
Participatory methods for designing and implementing nature-based solutions in the context of urban water management – A case study in Costa Rica/Nicaragua Prof. Jochen Hack
Institutional dynamics and actor’s constellation in river basin governance – a cross-country comparison (Germany and Costa Rica or Nicaragua vs. Costa Rica) Prof. Jochen Hack
Green Infrastructure and policy assessment: the development of a sustainability policy transition Veronica Neumann
Payment for Ecosystem Services: A more inclusive valuation method for the evaluation and support of ES Veronica Neumann