Geothermal Energy is defined as the heat of the accessible part of the earth crust. It contains the stored energy of the earth which can be extracted and used and is one part of the renewable energy sources. Geothermal Energy can be utilized for heating and cooling by applying heat pumps as well as it can be used to generate electricity or heat and electricity in a combined heat and power system.

The field of Applied Geothermal Science has natural scientific and engineering roots. Applied Geothermal Science connects the basic knowledge with the requirements of practical industry applications. Applied Geothermal Science is in interdisciplinary exchange with other applied geological subjects like hydrogeology and engineering geology and therefore is a logic and proper addition to the research profile of the Technische Universität Darmstadt.

The broad implementation of Geothermal Energy applications and the utilization of the underground as a thermal storage will help to reduce CO2-emissions and meet the according national and international climate protection objectives. Furthermore, the utilization of Geothermal Energy will strengthen the independency on global markets and the utilization of domestic resources.

Geothermal Energy will be an essential part of the decentralized domestic energy supply and will contribute an important share of the desired future renewable energy mix.

The Chair of Geothermal Science and Technology was funded by the NaturPur Instituts in 2010 and is a member of EERA-JPGE, the European Energy Research Alliance – Joint Programme on Geothermal Energy.

Since 1 June 2017, the department has been supplemented by cooperation professor Eva Schill.

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