ArtemIS: Expansion of the GeotIS geothermal information system into an internet portal for the heat transition in Germany

Project Information

With this joint project, the Geothermal Information System, GeotIS, will be specifically expanded to include medium-depth geothermal energy and the heat transition. In the future, GeotIS will cover more areas, which will become important for the implementation of the heat turnaround through medium-deep geothermal energy in Germany and be easier and more intuitive to use. With the simpler handling also laymen e.g., from the municipal energy supply sector, who are responsible for the area-wide implementation of the heat transition through geothermal energy will be able to make decisions. So far GeotIS has been developed especially for deep geothermal energy, as the focus in the past 15 years has been on electricity-heat-coupled power generation. Now, on the one hand, the focus will be on direct heat utilization and storage in medium-depth rock formations will be shifted. In addition, GeotIS will be extended by a new user function: with the so-called heat turnaround the scientifically based information source GeotIS will be made available to a broader user group, in particular municipal energy suppliers. This project will support decision makers from the economy and politics in the implementation of the energy transition to geothermal energy on the basis of scientific results by GeotIS.

The research work will scientifically verify site-specific information from geology and geothermics of the subsurface for the regions covered by the profiles easily understandable for a layman. This information will be provided in the form of regionalized brief information of the heat turnaround profile. The results of geothermal research should be presented clearly using short texts and images, in order to increase the decision-making for geothermal use by municipal energy suppliers and to increase the acceptance of geothermal for geothermal energy in the population. All play types occurring in Germany will be covered with profiles, including the rural areas. Berlin, Hamburg or the Rhine-Main area will be covered by the profile and will be presented as a horizon of medium-depth geothermal energy under urban conditions.

Contact persons

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Picture: Leandra Weydt
Dr. Leandra Weydt
+49 6151 16-22301
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Dr. Mrityunjay Singh

Further Information

  • Funding period: From 01.06.2021 to 31.12.2024
  • Grant Authorities: BMWK