Research Interests

Mineral dust

  • Compositional properties: chemistry, mineralogy, provenance, size-dependence, single particle composition and structure
  • Mixing state: mixing with secondary aerosol, soot and sea-salt, atmospheric ageing and cloud-interactions
  • Optical properties: refractive index, shape
  • Ecosystem interactions: nutrient input to tropical forests and oceans
  • Ice nucleation and hygroscopic properties of atmospheric mineral dusts
  • Dust in glacial systems: fluxes, feedbacks; dust sources in the Arctic
  • Ice-cores: evolution of dust properties in the past

General aerosol

  • Biological particles: dust-biological mixtures, bio-particle fluxes and single particle characterization
  • Urban and rural aerosol dry deposition: characterization and provenance
  • Soot: electron microscopy characterization
  • Volcanic dust properties

Measurement techniques and applications

  • Inertial aerosol sampling: impactor construction for aircrafts and unmanned vehicles, impactor miniaturization, free-wing impactors (‘giant’ particle collection)
  • Deposition samplers, thermophoretic samplers
  • Dust aerosol generation
  • Application of image analysis methods, in particular to microscopy
  • Electron microscopy: application to large particles numbers, automation
  • Optical aerosol techniques, coupled techniques