Thomas Schmitz

M.Sc. Thomas Schmitz

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1986 in Frankfurt am Main

Professional life

Since 8/2015

Scientific assistant at TU Darmstadt – Institute for Applied Geosciences, WG Geoinformation



Masterstudy Applied Geosciences at TU Darmstadt

Masterthesis „Geological 3D-modelling of pre – Quaternary strata and evaluation of related geopotentials in NE -Estonia – A case study for the Narva area“


Bachelorstudy Geosciences at Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universität Frankfurt a. M. (2007 – 2011)

Bachelorthesis: „Sedimentgeochemische Untersuchung im Paleogen des Tajik-Becken(Tadschikistan)“


Analysis and evaluation of massmovements and kinetics in the context of precipitation in the federal state of Hesse


Geographic Information Systems

Geological 3D-modelling


Geographic Information Systems I (GIS I)

Geographic Information Systems II (GIS II)

Geographic Information Systems II (3D-Structural modelling with GOCAD)


German Society for Geosciences (DGG)

  • Division geoinformatic (FGI-DGG)



Rautenberg, S., Schmitz, T., Sibul, I. & Lehné, R. (2016): Challenges and opportunities of geological 3D modelling – a case study for the northeastern part of Estonia. – Z. Dt. Ges. Geowiss., 167: 353–361, Stuttgart.

Rautenberg, S.; Schmitz, T; Heggemann, H.; Lehné, R: Three-dimensional representation of the Cornberg Geotope. Delegate Handbook for the RSPSoc's Small Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Research Conference, 28-29 June 2016, University of Worcester, UK, P.29.


Rautenberg, S; Schmitz, T; Lehné, R; Sibul, I: Challenges and chances of geological 3D-modelling – A case study for the northeastern part of Estonia, Wagner, J.; Elger, K. [Eds.] (2014) GeoBerlin2015 – Dynamic Earth from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond – Abstracts. Annual Meeting of DGGV and DMG, 4-7 October 2015, P. 305

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