Focused Ion Beam (FIB) JEOL JIB 7600F

The JIB 4600F is a dual beam FIB, therefore, allowing for a parallel observation and preparation of the specimen. Equipped with a Kleindiek micromanipulator, EDS, EBSD, and an electron lithography system, it is a multi purpose machine, providing TEM sample preparation, but also specimen manipulation and characterization.


Installation: 2011
Resolution: 1.2 nm (30 kV, REM)
5 nm (30 kV, SIM)
  • TFEG
  • in-lens SE detector
  • BSE detector
  • EDX detector (INCAEnergy 350, Oxford)
  • EBSD (HKL Advanced, Oxford)
  • Kleindiek triaxial micro-manipulator
  • gas intake systems (Pt, C)
  • lithographic system (Elphy Plus, Raith)