Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS)

Our terrestrial laser scanner Riegl VZ®-400 allows a quick and three-dimensional acquisition of objects. Surface outcrops, tunnels or adits can be realistically gathered within a short time period. For example, a panorama 360 degree scan with a resolution of 7 cm at a distance of 100 meters (0.04° angular stepwidth) is performed within 3 minutes and provides up to 10 million measurements. For detailed scans a resolution of 1 mm can be achieved (depending on distance). Large objects are digitized from different scan positions and the point clouds are merged afterwards. Thus, a theoretical overall size of the projects of up to several kilometers is possible.

Some examples for applications:

  • Determination of fracture networks
  • Determination of volumes mined
  • Monitoring of slopes
  • Digital outcrop documentation

Watch our laser scanner on Youtube.

Terrestrial Laserscanner in outcrop. (Picture: D. Laux)
Terrestrial Laserscanner in outcrop. (Picture: D. Laux)

Technical details:

  • Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) for three-dimensional data acquisition as point clouds (x,y,z point coordinates)
  • Additional acquired parameters: amplitude, reflectance
  • Online waveform processing allows evaluation of multiple target echoes and measurements under adverse atmospheric conditions
  • Up to 122000 measurements per second in high-speed mode
  • Range up to 600 meters in long-range mode
  • At top of the device installed Nikon D700 (DSLR camera) to achieve high-resolution images to colorize the point cloud
  • Commanding via built-in user interface or remote control through WLAN with notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • Integrated GPS receiver
  • Laser class 1 (laser beam harmless after IEC 60825)

Further information: