Current Research Projects

Triassic and Jurassic sedimentary sequences in NW China

Comparison of upper Triassic, lower Jurassic sedimentary sequences of south Jungar and north Tarim basins and implication on tectonic and climates.

Sedimentary record of the uplift of the Rwenzori Mountains (Uganda)

Linking source and sink in the Rwenzori Mountains and adjacent rift basins

Sedimentology of the Paleozoic Wajid Group in Saudi Arabia

Sedimentology and dynamic stratigraphy of the Wajid Group in SW Saudi Arabia – In Saudi Arabia several large aquifers exist from which fossil groundwaters are withdrawn especially for irrigation purposes. One of these aquifers is

Completed Research Projects

  • Global sediment flux by rivers
  • Sediment budget Upper Rhine Graben
  • Natural cut stones of the Odenwald
  • Alluvial fans in the Death Valley