Research Group Geomaterial Science
About Us

Our Focus

Geomaterial Science (Applied Mineralogy) researches the prerequisites for formation, composition, microstructure and properties of natural minerals, as well as synthetically produced phases with wide-ranging applications. The primary focus is on comprehensive characterization of the corresponding mineral phases or synthetic components and their dynamic development in response to changes in pressure, temperature or chemical environment. The aim is to correlate emerging microstructural changes or developing defect structures with functional material properties.

Research Methods

The preferred examination methods used within our research group include optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction and especially electron microscopic methods (SEM and TEM) as well as special analytical methods such as EDX and EELS. The focus of such detailed material characterization is to provide an understanding of the relationship between the evolution of the microstructure and the resulting material properties.

Material Systems

The examined material systems examined span a broad field and can include building materials, ceramics, biomaterials, glasses, metallic alloys or functional materials. The latter group of materials, which is becoming increasingly important, includes piezoelectric, ferroelectric or magnetic materials with specifically adjusted functional properties.