Ongoing Projects


Our Current Research Projects

Pseudomorphic Conversion of Cellulose-based Papers to Functionalized Ceramic Papers
  • Johannes Peter, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Functionally Graded Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
  • Kerstin Stricker, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

(S)TEM Investigation of the Atomic Structure and Domain Morphology of Anti-Ferroelectric Ceramics
  • Hui Ding, Leopoldo Molina-Luna, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Reactive Reservoir Systems – Solution and Precipitation of Salts and the Effects on the Hydraulic and Mechanical Rock Properties (ReSalt)
  • Emilia Götz, Ute Kolb, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Piezotronic Bicrystals and Hexagonal Nano-Platelets: A TEM Study on Structure and Chemistry of Functionalized Zinc Oxide
  • Maximilian Trapp, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Jacobsite Inclusions in Bixbyite from the Solar Wind Claim, Thomas Mountain Range, Utah, USA
  • Johannes Peter, Maximilian Trapp, Stefan Lauterbach, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Formation Mechanisms of Calcium Phosphate Plaques and Attached Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones
  • Ingo Sethmann, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Mechanochemical Investigations on Lithium-bearing Silicates
  • Tobias Necke, Benjamin Balke, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Material Compounds from Composite Materials for Applications under Extreme Conditions
  • Nathalie Thor, Astrid Pundt, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Domain Structure in Quenched Lead-free Ferroelectric Ceramics
  • Ann-Katrin Fetzer, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Electron Microscopic Investigations on the Mineral Lorándite from Allchar in Macedonia
  • Tobias Necke, Maximilian Trapp, Stefan Lauterbach, Georg Amthauer, Hans-Joachim Kleebe

Electron Crystallographic Charaterization of Glass Ceramics
  • Philipp Gollé-Leidreiter, Bernhard Durschang, Ute Kolb, Hans-Joachim Kleebe