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Mit der Universität Frankfurt wurde ein erweitertes Lehrangebot für die Geophysik vereinbart (Stand 25.11.2015).

Ankündigung spezielle Kursangebote

Aktuelles Angebot an speziellen, in der Regel nicht im normalen Curriculum enthaltenen Kursen, Blockkursen, Ringvorlesungen und anderen Zusatzangeboten, sowie neu angebotenen Lehrveranstaltungen.

New course: Ecological Engineering

Lecture by Prof. Jochen Hack, IAG, TU Darmstadt. This course gives a general introduction to the core principles and concepts of ecological engineering. Particular methods and applications of ecological engineering related to urban development are a central subject of the course. The mapping and modelling of water-related ecosystems and the services they provide is in the focus. Designs are evolving in this field for sustainable stormwater management, wastewater treatment, erosion control, ecological restoration, and many other applications.

For Master's students only (both TropHEE and Angewandte Geowissenschaften). Successful completion of the module gives 6 credits (CP). TUCaN module no. 11-02-9221, TUCaN course no. 11-02-9223-vu. Please register via 'Additional Achievements'. Please contact the study office in any case you cannot register to this module.

Advanced Sample Preparation Techniques for Transmission Electron Microscopy (van Aken)

Lecture by Apl.-Prof. Dr. Peter van Aken. TEM materials characterization pursues research activities aiming at the atomic‐scale characterization of advanced materials. Special emphasis is usually given to the investigation of interfaces and grain boundaries within and between metals, ceramics, and bio‐materials, including associated electronic and magnetic structures. The quality of results obtained on the microscope depends critically on the quality of the sample. Knowing how to prepare high‐quality TEM samples is therefore of utmost importance. It is the aim of this lecture to cover various aspects of advanced TEM preparation techniques.

Der Kurs findet als Blockkurs nach Vereinbarung mit den daran interessierten Studierenden statt. Bitte melden Sie sich bei Interesse in TUCaN sowie per E-Mail direkt beim Dozenten an (s. TUCaN). TUCaN-Modulnummer 11-02-9042, TUCaN-Kursnummer 11-02-9202-vl.

Archiv spezielle Kursangebote

In den letzten Jahren angebotene Zusatzkurse.

Blockkurs: Karbonatsedimentologie und Mikrofaziesanalyse (Götz)

Block course: Carbonate Diagenesis with Applications to Reservoir Geology (Machel)

Ringvorlesung „Erdsystemforschung“

Block course: Multiphase Flow in Geological Reservoirs (Doster)

Elektronenkristallographie I (Kolb)

Electron Energy-Loss-Spectroscopy (EELS): Methods and Applications in Geo- and Materials Sciences (van Aken)

Blockkurs: Einführung in die Sprengtechnik (Langemeier)