Office for Student Affairs

Service and Student Counselling

Our Office for Student Affairs is responsible for all matters concerning the Bachelor's/Master's programme Applied Geosciences and the Master's programme TropHEE.


  • During the ongoing pandemic situation, please send all necessary documents as a scan by e-mail to the following addresses:
  • To : Internship reports, choice of specialization in the master’s programme, exam registration forms, seminar passes.
  • To : Thesis registration forms, discharge sheets, form for external supervisor.
  • The registration of final theses is currently only possible by e-mail. Please contact the Office for Student Affairs (). The same applies for extensions of your final thesis.
  • The submission of final theses is processed as usual via TUbama. Please send an electronic version (PDF-A) of your thesis, including the scanned declaration according to § 22(7), by e-mail to your supervisor and, simultaneously, in CC – , the same e-mail to the Office for Student Affairs ().
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Dr. Karl Ernst Roehl
  • Head of the Office for Student Affairs
  • Study Coordinator
  • Student Counselling
  • Examinations Board issues
  • Recognition of credits / achievements
  • BAföG certificates
  • TUCaN
  • Deutschlandstipendium
B2|02 120 -23615

Phone office hours: Wednesday

Consultation hours: Appointments are given only by prior agreement until further notice!
Free Zoom office hours for students are always Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 12:00 h. For access data, see the digital study office in Moodle (see below).

Kirsten Herrmann
  • Office for Student Affairs
  • Examinations Office
  • Admission to final theses
  • Acceptance of reports and final theses
  • Final degree, final degree documents
B2|02 122 -23600

Phone office hours: Wednesday

Pia Cazzonelli
  • Office for Student Affairs
  • Excursions
  • Room coordination
  • Mentoring system
B2|02 122 -23600

Phone office hours: Monday / Tuesday

Dr. Antje Kabisch
  • Administration TropHEE programme
  • Supervision of international students (TropHEE)
  • Organisation of project courses and tutorials
  • Coordination of interdisciplinary courses
  • Teaching evaluation
B2|02 223 -23625

Our Office for Student Affairs on Moodle!

Our Office for Student Affairs is also represented on Moodle, both in a German-language version for the consecutive Bachelor's/Master's degree programme “Applied Geosciences” (“StuBü-GEO”) and in an English-language version for students of the “TropHEE” programme (“TropHEE Study Office”).

Please register for the Moodle course. There you will find extensive information, downloads of forms and templates, offers for thesis topics, and the possibility to submit medical certificates or exam registrations online!

All other administrative processes at the TU Darmstadt, such as application/admission, re-registration, change of programme, leave of absence, etc. are managed by the Central Student Services.