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Geosciences address urgent topics regarding the future of mankind. These include a healthy environment, the supply of water, the use of sustainable energy and the careful extraction of a wide variety of raw materials for our everyday life. Our Institute in Darmstadt is one of only three locations in Germany with a broad range of Applied Geosciences. We are embedded within the environment of a technical university, which provides optimal connections in research and teaching with engineering and materials sciences, with whom the IAG forms a joint department.

Studying at the Institute of Applied Geosciences

Presented by different members of the institute, an insight into the study of applied geosciences in Darmstadt is given here. An introduction to the diverse topics of geosciences, courses, field days and excursions.

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Master TropHEE

Study our international Master's programme “Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering” (TropHEE), with a distinct focus on water and environment. Language of instruction is English.

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