Documents and Forms

TropHEE Programme

Note to students

All forms and templates related to administrative processes within the TropHEE programme are only available via our Study Office Moodle course, as well as the opportunity to submit exam registrations, medical certificates etc. online! Therefore, we advice you to register to the Study Office Moodle course once you are enrolled and have received your TU-ID.


General Information

Preparation phase

Preparation Phase TropHEE (attention: new URL, updated on 22.08.2018!)

Please, follow the link (login and password is provided by the TropHEE office) and download the “” file. When you open the file, all needed files are extracted in the folder you choose for the download. The preparation phase course can then be started by opening the start.exe.

Formal documents TropHEE

Study Information (updated 06.02.2013)

Study and Examination Schedule (new version 10.02.2016)

Regulatory Statutes

Module Handbook (new version 10.02.2016)

Please note that the TropHEE programme is currently being re-structured. The new – improved – structure will be binding for students starting their studies in winter term 2021/22. The documents of the new structure will be published in this place as soon as they are available (i.e. after the are adopted by the TU senate).