Soils are the interface of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere and fulfill multiple functions in the ecosystem, but also for mankind. Soils do not only form the basis for human food production and purify our drinking water, they also protect us from pollutants released into the environment.

Prof. Dr. Moritz Bigalke,
Head of the Department of Soil Mineralogy and Soil Chemistry

Soil is the basis of our life. It must be preserved and protected. Therefore, our working group investigates the behavior and effects of pollutants in soil.

Picture: Collin Weber

Our research

Our research focuses on the biogeochemistry of contaminants in soils to contribute towards the preservation of essential soil functions. We primarily investigate (trace) metals and plastics particles at macro, micro and nano sizes within the soil system, their interactions with the soil solution and their uptake by plants. We develop innovative methods to identify, quantify and characterize these substances in the environment, and investigate processes from the nano to the field scale through field investigations and experimental approaches.

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