The lectures are addressed to students of geosciences and engineering in their bachelor and master programs as well as to students which are interested in interdisciplinary studies.

The chair of geothermal science and technology is also involved in teaching and research projects of the interdisciplinary master course “Energy Science and Engineeringhttp://” of the Darmstadt Graduate School of Excellence for Energy Science and Engineering (Graduate School ESE).

Impression from the HGÜ II 2012

Excursions to Landau and Geretsried

The Chair of Geothermal Science and Technology offers one day excursions to geothermal power plant projects and active deep drilling sites. In summer 2012 the geothermal power plant in Landau and adjacent geological reservoir aoutcrops were vistited. In March 2013 an excursion to the active drill site in Geretsried was conducted.

China Excursion and Workshop, March/April 2010

The Excursion to China: Yangtze – Himalaya, from Wuhan upriver will took place from 24th of March to 10th of April 2010. The old leaflet with the anouncement can be found here.

The excursion and a 2-day preparing workshop was funded by the DAAD within the German-Chinise Program for Science and Education 2009/10 and was conducted together with the universities of Nürnberg-Erlangen, theTechnische Universität Darmstadt and the University of Geosciences in Wuhan.

More informationen also available via the BMBF: Geotechnik, Hydrogeologie und Geothermie entlang des Yangtze (Projektnummer CHW 09/098)

Impressions from the Chile Excursion 2006