The lectures are addressed to students of geosciences and engineering in their bachelor and master programs as well as to students which are interested in interdisciplinary studies. Regularly various excursions – regional to international and one day up to several weeks – are offered.

The chair of geothermal science and technology is also involved in teaching and research projects of the interdisciplinary master course “Energy Science and Engineeringhttps://” of the Darmstadt Graduate School of Excellence for Energy Science and Engineering (Graduate School ESE).

Kartierkurs I 2019

Date: 11-22/09/2019

Location: Leinebergland, Lower Saxony, Germany

Participants: 18 BSc students

Topic: Mapping the mesozoic rock sequence of the Hils depression

Additional information: Joint mapping course in cooperation with the department of Technical Petrology.

Iceland Field Trip 2019

Camping area in South Island
Camping area in South Island

Date: 19-31/08/2019

Location: Iceland

Participants: 13 students, 2 supervisors

Topic: Energy supply and climate change

Additional information: It was a two weeks’ excursion over the entire island. We visited the highlands with our 4x4 cars, tents and mobile kitchen. The main focus was on geothermal energy. But also bathing in warm springs and pots was often possible.

  • Exkursion group at the Landmannalaugar National Park
  • River crossing with Herdubreid in the background
  • Dettifoss
  • Krafla-Viti
  • Wellhead IDDP-2 at Reykjanes Peninsula

Tuscany Excursion 2019

Date: 20-24/05/2019

Location: Elba Island and Larderello geothermal field, Tuscany, Italy

Participants: 15 students

Topic: Deep geothermal energy and exhumed fossil geothermal reservoirs

Additional information: Joint field trip in cooperation with the TU Delft (Prof. Dr. David Bruhn), the Netherlands, and the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Prof. Dr. Domenico Liotta), Italy. All aspects of deep geothermal, from the outcrop analogue to the electricity producing geothermal power plant, were topics of this field trip. A field trip report by TU Delft is available here.

Participants saw the historic site of the first geothermal power production at Larderello and learnt about historical as well as about modern energy production technologies from geothermal heat. A publicly accessible geothermal well as well as the geothermal museum were visited to study the development of geothermal power production: from pioneering drilling technologies to modern drilling, old power plant prototypes as well as active modern geothermal installations operated by Enel. The geology of the region was explored, including the famous geothermal surface manifestations Biancane near Monterotondo Marittimo. On the island of Elba, students learnt what the heat source of a deep geothermal system looks like: the exhumed geothermal systems of the Monte Capanne monzogranite. The participants looked at the structures within the magma and the different intrusions of magmas and analysed the fossil geothermal system and mineralized structures. In addition, the group had the opportunity to learn about the mineralisations related to the hydrothermal activity at the Rio Marina museum. Rio Marina was the centre of Italy’s iron mining for more than 2000 years (abandoned in the 1980s). It was possible to collect some pyrite samples in an abandoned quarry.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2018

Date: 20/08-01/09/2018

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 32 MSc students

Topic: Hydrochemical and geochemical investigation of the Tux Creek catchment

Additional information: The Hauptgeländeübung (main field exercise, HGÜ) II is designed to teach students in the higher semester, how a practical task is largely solved independently with broad geoscientific basic knowledge. For the preparation of the HGÜ II there is a semester accompanying seminar. The task is carried out in the field with subsequent elaboration of the reports, expertises or maps. In addition, laboratory work may be required.

Argentina Field Trip 2018

Group at Laguna Perulla
Group at Laguna Perulla

Date: 07-21/04/2018

Location: San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca provinces, Argentina

Participants: 11 BSc and MSc students

Topic: Geology of the Andes

Additional information: The field trip took place in cooperation with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Experiences and impressions of the excursion have been recorded in the form of a documentary film.

  • Cerro Galan and Laguna Diamante
  • Laguna Grande
  • Salar de Antofalla
  • Vega la Botijuela
  • Paycuqui
  • Mega Ripples
  • Gravel road above Laguna Perulla
  • Cerro Peinado

Daily Excursion Speyer

Date: 29/06/2018

Location: Speyer, Germany

Participants: Reservoir characterization II students

Topic: Petroleum production well Römerberg

Additional information: After a general introduction and a tour at the plant (extraction, separation, storage and transport of oil), it was also possible to discuss the specific challenges of domestic energy production with responsible employees.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2017

Date: 11-22/09/2017

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 37 MSc students

Topic: Structural geology and ground permeability in the northwestern Tauern Window

Hauptgeländeübung II 2016

Date: 05-15/09/2016

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 35 MSc students

Topic: Exploration of karst aquifers in the Tux Valley

Additional information: A hydrological tracer test was realized on the Grinbergalm.

Argentina Field Trip 2015

Date: 11-24/10/2015

Location: San Juan, La Rioja and Catamarca provinces, Argentina

Participants: 13 BSc and MSc students

Topic: Geology of the Andes

Additional information: The field trip took place in cooperation with the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Universidad Nacional de San Juan.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2015

Date: 02-12/09/2015

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 36 MSc students

Topic: Drinking water supply of Ginzling

Additional information: Almost in the entire catchment area of the Zemmbach, springs and creeks were sampled.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2014

Date: 11-21/09/2014

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 44 MSc students

Topic: Exploration of fictitious tunnel routes

Additional information: The field work took place in the entire area of the Tux Valley.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2013

Date: 15-25/09/2013

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 24 MSc students

Topic: Geological nature trail Berliner Ridgeway

Additional information: Geological presentation boards have been developed for the famous Berliner Ridgeway, which can be viewed here. Experiences and impressions of the excursion have been recorded in the form of a documentary film.

Hauptgeländeübung II 2012

Date: 09-20/09/2012

Location: Ziller Valley, Austria

Participants: 13 MSc students

Topic: Virtual dam project Gunggl Valley

Deep Geothermal in Southern Germany

Date: 12-16/03/2012

Location: Southern Germany

Participants: 15 tudents

Topic: Geothermal reservoirs, outcrop analogues in the Saar-Nahe Basin and the Swabian Jura as well as geothermal power plants in the Upper Rhine Graben and the Molasse Basin

Additional information: Geothermal power plants were visited at various sites: HDR project Soultz-sous-foretz, France, hydrothermal power plants in Landau and Sauerlach / Taufkirchen.

China Excursion 2010

Date: 24/03-10/04/2010

Location: Wuhan-Himalaya, China

Participants: 15 Students

Topic: Geology at the Yangtze River

Additional information: The excursion and a two day preparing workshop was funded by the DAAD within the German-Chinise Program for Science and Education 2009/10 and was conducted together with the universities of Nürnberg-Erlangen and the University of Geosciences in Wuhan.

Breisgau Excursion

Date: 01-02/10/2009

Location: Breisgau, SW Germany

Topic: Structural geology and geothermal along the Schwarzwald fault

Additional information: Since the end of 2007, a geological uplift has been taking place in the historical town center of Staufen, which increases by about one centimeter per month and is already 18 cm in the area of the historic town hall. The uplift is due to seven geothermal drills that were completed in September 2007 to 140 m depth to supply geothermal energy for the historic town hall.

Daily Excursion Tunnel Schlüchtern

Date: 11/04/2008

Location: Schlüchtern, Eatsern Hesse

Topic: Tunneling

Additional information: The Schlüchterner Tunnel – also called Distelrasen Tunnel – is a 3,573 m long railway tunnel on the Frankfurt/Main-Fulda railway line between the towns Schlüchtern and Flieden. The route runs parallel to the highway 66 and traverses the Hessian ridge.

The existing tunnel – since 01/05/1914 in operation – suffers damages on the masonry due to the strong exhaust pollution and water ingresses. A new tunnel tube with a length of 4 km is under construction 50 meters west of the old tunnel since September 2005. A renovation can not be carried out under operation, as the tunnel is too busy.

Nuclear Waste Repository Excursion

Date: 27-28/03/2007

Location: Asse and Morsleben repositories

Participants: 10students

Topic: Final disposal sites for nuclear waste