Research projects of the Hydrogeology Group


Arid Hydrogeology

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of regional aquifer systems to manage water resources in arid areas – a regional model to evaluate the impact of climatic changes on groundwater recharge at catchments scale (in cooperation with the GTZ and the UFZ).


Integrated Groundwater Management

Development of field methods and application of analytical methods to estimate surface water-groundwater fluxes (in cooperation with the HLUG).

Development of a 3D geological model and a regional flow and transport model of the “Frankfurter Stadtwald” (founded by Hessenwasser).


Groundwater Remediation

Treatment of wastewater polluted with organochlorinated compounds based on catalytic hydrodechlorination (in cooperation with Universidad de Zaragoza).

Monitoring and evaluation of dechlorination processes using compound- specific chlorine isotope analysis.

Removal of volatile to semi volatile organic contaminants from water from small to big scale (founded by the TU Darmstadt).

Cold Condensation

Sammler im Sarntal

Relevance of “cold condensation” processes in low and high mountain ranges (founded by the DFG und in cooperation with the HLUG).

Soil contamination with PAH from atmospheric deposition in Aragón, Spain (in cooperation with the Universidad de Zaragoza).


Hydrogeological Investigation of the Taunus

The main requests are:

  • groundwater quality
  • groundwater quantity
  • contamination with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) from atmospheric deposition in low mountain ranges (in cooperation with the HLUG)


Water Quality in the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR) in China

IWW Water Centre ( is one of the parties in the BMBF Joint Research Project <<Sustainable Management of the new built Eco-System at the Three-Gorges-Dam (YANGTZE-PROJECT)>> (