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Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is a field of Applied Geology which deals with the exploration of the underground and the development of models for save and efficient usage of the underground. Applications range from the planning and execution of geotechnical projects in construction of buildings and traffic routes to the development and usage of underground storage for natural resources, heat and waste. These tasks require knowledge of classical and applied Geosciences but also interdisciplinary knowledge of other natural sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics) as well as of engineering sciences is essential.

For investigation of the underground engineering geology applies a broad spectrum of direct (e.g. boreholes and probing) an indirect (e.g. geophysical) methods. Of particular interest is the structural setup of the underground as well as the determination of geomechanical and rock physics parameters in laboratory and field experiments.

A special focus of the section Engineering Geology at TU Darmstadt is the geomechanical characterization of reservoirs (“Reservoir Geomechanics”). Work techniques of rock mechanics and geophysics are combined with numerical models to project tectonic stresses and fracture networks in the deeper underground. The need for such prognosis tools for an optimal and save usage of the underground is manifold and ranges from construction work in rock over stability of wells to planning of hydraulic stimulation measures.