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Applied Sedimentary Geology

Since million of years, rocks are continuously transformed by weathering, erosion and accumulated in various depositional environments. Diagenesis und burial converts these deposits into sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks contain many important resources like oil and gas. They represent the most important aquifers and in many cases form the underground of constructions.

Applied sedimentary geology deals with the research of the texture and structure of sedimentary rocks, their genesis in space and time and their importance for resources and envrionment. Sedimentary rocks cover 75% of the solid earth surface which makes them very important for many practical reasons. They range from underground surveys, exploitation of resources to water management and environmental pollution.

Main research topics of the applied sedimentary geology at the TU Darmstadt are clastic sediments and earth surface processes. Present research topics are: continental sedimentary basins, high-resolution sequence stratigraphy, limngeoology, glacial and proglacial sedimentary processes, volcaniclastic rocks, alluvial fans, erosion and sediment budgets of drainage basins, and regional aquifer systems in arid areas. Methodological specialities are porosimetry and permeametry analytical measurements, palynology, and ground-penetrating radar. We offer our expertise and methods also to industrial partners.