Welcome to the Applied Sedimentary Geology

The Department of Applied Sedimentary Geology has been established at the IAG in 2001. The focus is on continental, clastic sedimentary systems and related applied issue, especially regarding reservoir geology, hydrogeology, forensics, and environmental as well as climate research. Our methodological expertises are facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, rock petrophysics, heavy mineral analysis, provenance analysis, georadar and palynology. We have a long-lasting experience with third-party funded projects from the German Research Foundation, the State of Hesse, German Academic Exchange Service, foundations and industry, and we have an international network of cooperation partners. We are a strong international team and look forward to your interest.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Hinderer,
Head of Applied Sedimentary Geology

The subject of Applied Sedimentary Geology is the investigation of the material inventory and the structures of sedimentary rocks, their genesis in space and time and their importance with regard to application-oriented aspects.

Picture: Matthias Hinderer

We invite you to our website where we present research project, lectures in sedimentology, palaeoclimatology, and regional geology as well as field courses. Students will find open topics for Bachelor or Master theses.