The Applied Sediment Geology group conducts research on various topics of clastic sedimentology and various fields of application. Our research ranges from the laboratory scale to large river basins and mountain ranges. The field work is concentrated on the northern Upper Rhine Rift, the Sprendlinger Horst (with Messel), the northern Odenwald, Upper Swabia, the Alps, the Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia, Uganda, Namibia, South America and China. As far as possible, students are invited to take part in ongoing research by pursuing a Bachelor or Master thesis.

Picture: IAG Darmstadt

Research expertise:

Clastic sedimentary systems Sequence- and cyclostratigraphy Facies analysis Heavy mineral analysis Provenance analysis Ground Penetrating Radar Shear wave seismics Petrophysics Reservoir models Geochemistry Hydrogeochemistry Palynology Paleoenvironmental reconstruction Paleoclimate reconstruction


Our department not only works in the field, but also in the laboratories at the Institute of Applied Geosciences. Here we use several analysis methods such as the preparation of samples in the acid laboratory for palynological investigations, the separation of heavy minerals in the provenance analysis and measurements of permeability and porosity in our poroperm laboratory. The laboratories are used both for final theses and for dissertations in the field.

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48-channel shear-wave seismics landstreamer
48-channel shear-wave seismics landstreamer
Picture: IAG Darmstadt

Our publications

As part of all researches in our department, the results of the projects and dissertations are published in order to make the information accessible to the world of science. Here you can find our publications:

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