Study your Master at the Institute of Applied Geosciences!

You have the possibility to choose between the Master in Applied Geosciences or our international Master "TropHEE".

Application-oriented and international

The Master's programme Applied Geosciences deepens the applied aspects of geosciences, especially in the fields of hydrogeology, environmental geochemistry, engineering geology, geothermal energy, applied mineralogy as well as atmospheric aerosol. We emphasize not only fundamental theoretical knowledge, but also methodological skills and competencies in order to prepare our graduates to work independently and responsibly on issues related to the future topics of water, energy and the environment. The language of instruction for this degree programme is German, although some courses are also held in English.

The Master of Science programme “Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering” (TropHEE) aims at combining a comprehensive understanding of geoscientific fundamentals with a specific focus on issues of application that are essential in hydrogeology and environmental management. In particular, TropHEE concentrates on methods and modern techniques enabling the participants to find ways for a sustainable development of tropical and subtropical countries from a geoscientific point of view. Although in the broader framework of international development cooperation, TropHEE offers a comprehensive, research-oriented education in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geosciences and Engineering on Master level. The language of instruction is English.

From university to the construction site – a field report