International Master’s Programme TropHEE

On this page, you will find useful information on your study plan, key aspects of your studies as well as funding options and mentoring.

Omokemi from Nigeria,
TropHEE student

TropHEE is a very practical degree with a strong element of solving environmental related problems. Majorly, the many ways in which water can be sustained to avoid depletion is of utmost priority.

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Our Office for Student Affairs is also represented on Moodle, where you will receive the most recent news and updates regarding your studies!

Please register for the Moodle course. There you will find extensive information, downloads of forms and templates, offers for thesis topics and the possibility to submit your medical certificate and exam registrations online!

Scholarships at TU Darmstadt for enrolled TropHEE students

  • Deutschlandstipendium for freshmen or 2nd semester students (application period: starts every year in September)
Picture: Katrin Binner


The Big Sister Programme offers networking and mentoring for female students from abroad or with migration background. Different topics and needs are addressed via regular group meetings and networking events, e.g. relevant study- and career-tips, ideas for leisure time and living in Darmstadt, or preparing together for exams and getting to know different learning techniques.

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Aline - Mentor,
Big Sister Programme

I decided to participate as a mentor because I saw the opportunity to network with other female students of TU Darmstadt and to support new students with my own experience. Getting this support at the beginning of your studies is extremely helpful and being part of a program that allows you to meet other women makes you feel always inspired! Inspired by amazing women who are ready to face any challenge and share their experiences!

TropHEE Representatives

Intake 2020

Omokemi from Nigeria

Ahmed from Egypt